Stop Feeling "Frustrated", "Run Down" And "Insecure" With Your  Pigmentation. Take Back Control And Move To A Confident, Happy & Self Satisfying Lifestyle With Our Cosmelan Peel Treatment


Increase Your Natural Appearance And Achieve Bright, Clear And Even Skin In Just 1 Cosmelan Peel Session
(With Results That Last Months...)

Cosmelan Peel Package

Free Consultation (Phone or In-Clinic)
Registered Cosmelan Skin Therapists
90 Day AfterCare Support Card
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3 x LED Light Therapy Sessions
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Life-Changing Cosmelan Peel Treatment: Glowing Skin

The Simple 2-Step Cosmelan Treatment We Take To Move You From "Lacking In Self Satisfaction" To Achieving Fresh, Naturally Glowing Skin And Leaving "You Wishing You Did It Sooner"...

1. Dermal Treatment

This is a process of stopping melanin synthesis which is the transfer of pigment from the lower layers to the surface layers of the skin. 


2. Epidermis Treatment

We treat the epidermis by accelerating epidermal turnover and lifting off already existing pigment. This also includes 3x LED light therapy sessions


Full Cosmelan Peel Process

Stage 1. Tailored Face Consultation [How To Achieve Your Desired Results]

The initial cosmelan peel consultation will allow you to meet us and get comfortable. It's the perfect chance for you to discuss your desired results with our senior skin therapists. Our dermal therapists can then advise you on the best approach to achieve the results you're looking for. Our friendly staff make you feel at home and are there to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Stage 2. Pre-Cosmelan Preparation [4 Weeks Before]

To ensure that you achieve your desired results, we request that you prepare around 4 weeks before your cosmelan peel treatment. This ensures that on the day of your treatment we are going to get the best possible outcome. We aim for natural and genuine results, making your skin brighter, clearer and looking younger. Our preparation packages include high quality skin care products and brightening peel booster

Stage 3A. Professional Cosmelan Peel Treatment [Dermal Treatment]

The first stage of the cosmelan peel is applied in clinic by your senior skin therapist. This is to target the dermal layers which is the process of stopping melanin synthesis which is the transfer of pigment from low to surface skin layers. Once applied, this peel will be kept on between 8-12 hours (depending on skin, results and strength). It will then be removed at home and your 72 hour recovery process will start. You can use all recovery products in this time. 

Stage 3B. Professional Cosmelan Peel Treatment [Epidermis Treatment]

The second stage is where we begin to treat the epidermis. This is where we accelerate dermal turnover and lifting off already existing pigment. This is where the 3x LED Light Therapy Sessions begin. Our senior skin therapist will be monitoring your skin to ensure we are on the right track for results. The LED lights will help sooth the skin and speed up the healing process.

Stage 4. At-Home Cosmelan Peel Package [After Care Package]

Your depigmentation will continue with your at-home extensive treatment packages. We provide full instructions and easy step-by-step processes for you to follow. If you are ever in need of any questions or help, we are just a phone call away. If at any moment you feel like something is going wrong, you can come and see us in-clinic where we have doctors and staff available to help. 

Stage 5. AfterCare Follow Up Appointment [Nurses Available On Call]

Come back to see up in our clinic for your aftercare follow up appointment. Here we can spend time checking to make sure that the cosmelan peel has gone as usual. You can also spend time asking us any questions or tips regarding the downtime or how you are feeling. We have doctors available on call in the rare case anything goes wrong. 

Worried Or Anxious About Getting Your Cosmelan Peel? Here's How We Help You Through It.

Tailored Face Consult

We remove the risk of anything going wrong by using naturally occurring ingredients known as Hyaluronic Acid. This is already existing in our bodies and takes around 6+ months to break down. It also looks more natural.


Senior Skin Therapists

We are with you every step of the way with your cosmelan peel. Our skin therapists are highly trained knowing exactly how much peel to add and when to remove it. Throughout the in-clinic process we will be there to talk if you have any issues. 


Follow Up Appointments 

In the very rare case something does go bad, we provide a free follow up appointment. We are also there with you throughout your in home treatment as well. We have doctors available on call or ready for a chat you feel worried at anytime


What Is Cosmelan Peel?

Cosmelan is a revolutionary depigmentation peel that works to eliminate and control pigmentation issues leaving the skin glowing. We are with you every step of the way and provide all at home care products and support.

Why Get Cosmelan Treatment?

If you are suffering from stubborn pigmentation, uneven skin tones, melasma or post-acne scarring then this treatment can help you. If you have not been successful in the past then this will provide you the results you're looking for. 

How Can Cosmelan Help You?

This treatment is perfect for any people who are self-conscious of their pigment, and has tried multiple different treatments, wants to get rid of their pigment but didn’t know how. As seen above, results can be life-changing.

Who Choose SSKIN?

Christie Cameron

Best Beauty Therapist On The Gold Coast Award

Christie has learnt from some of the world’s leading professionals, including working at Hugh Jackman’s resort. Christie has extensive experience in cosmetic dermatology and can help you achieve your most desired, natural look.

Christie will be able to guide you through a tailored beauty consultation based around your face to achieve the best looking and most natural result. As cosmelan peels require after care, it's good to know you're in the best hands.

Christie was voted Best Beauty Therapist on the Gold Coast by the Gold Coast Bulletin and is passionate about the Cosmelan Deluxe Peel because of the results her clients see. 


Boutique With 5 Star Service

Your Face Is Your Life, Don’t Get The Wrong Treatment

Getting any treatment done requires specialists to understand your face and goals which is why we provide a tailored face consultation beforehand. With cosmelan peels being an intense treatment, it's best to choose someone who you trust.

You tell us what you are looking for and we are able to guide and walk you through the best process to achieving natural-looking results. We have the best staff to take care of you on the Gold Coast.

Having a cosmelan peel can be a big decision, so ensure that you are making the right one by choosing to go with experienced professionals who can guide you the whole way with full after care support. 


FAQ's About Cosmelan Peels