Thank You For Requesting Your Tailored Consultation

We really look forward to meeting you.

As a friendly reminder, we'd like to let you how we are different from other cosmetic clinics. We strive on providing genuine, natural looking results. This is why we believe our tailored consultation is so important in guiding you through the right treatment that is going to achieve the desired results you are looking for. 

We aren't afraid to say no. Our team want whats best for our customers and our nurses have extensive experience in the industry to be able to know what's best for you. 

Everyone is different. Every face is different and every treatment is going to be different

This is why it's so important to ensure you are going with someone who want's the best for you, and not just trying to offer you a basic service that's 'fit for all'. 

One of our [specialists] will be in touch with you shortly to talk you through your request and book you in a date and time for your tailored in-house consultation. This is a fantastic time for us to meet each other and you to get comfortable with our nurses and the clinic. 

We're super keen to provide you with our expert advice and personal experiences in the industry, and of course all the tips and tricks to help you weed out the good and bad cosmetic treatments, proposals and clinics. 

If you are short for time, (who isn't these days?) don't hesitate to book a time and date online to come and see us. Alternatively, you can book the treatments you want through our booking page below as well. 

See you on the flip side when you've achieved the results you desire

Love from 
Amy & Emilee Hembrow x