7 Healthy Skin Care Habits For 2023

A new year is a great way to create some new skin care habits. After a period of indulging and a lack of routine, starting a fresh skincare routine in 2023 is exactly what you need. 

Skin care is a form of self-care, and it is important to incorporate these habits into your everyday life. Spending time looking after yourself and your skin will help you feel more confident in everyday life. 

Maybe you are an avid spot picker or always skip applying your SPF. We have all been there, neglecting our skincare when life gets too busy. However, creating healthy and sustainable skin care habits in 2023 will make it easier to keep on top of them. 

In this blog, we will give you seven healthy skin care habits for 2023 that can help you start and end your day in the best way. 

Why Is It Important To Look After Your Skin?

Your skin is so precious as it protects you from the world's harsh elements and pollution. Your skin is actually your biggest organ, which a lot of people don't realise. It protects you from getting sick and damaging your bones, muscles, and internal organs.

So, while on the surface, everyone wants smooth, wrinkle-free skin, there are a lot of reasons why looking after your skin is so important. It is essential for your health. 

Therefore forming simple and easy skin care habits into your everyday routine will enhance not only your appearance but also your overall health. 

7 Easy Habits For Happy And Healthy Skin 

So, here are seven simple but effective skin care habits to take into 2023 with you. Simple changes in your everyday routine can make a world of difference. You’ll  be surprised, it does not need to be drastic changes to see a difference in your skin. 

Skin care habits also don't have to include skin care products. Simple changes to your personal hygiene can impact the health of your skin. Below, we have listed out some of our best skin care habits that you might not have thought of before.

  • Change Your Pillowcases

Now, this is probably not what you were expecting when it comes to skin care habits. However, your pillowcase can be the cause of acne breakouts and oily skin. 

When you lie on your pillow night after night, it collects all the bacteria from your face over a long period of time. So switching out your pillowcase every week or so can significantly reduce your chances of acne breakouts. 

Experts have said that if you are prone to acne, then having clean pillowcases next to your face can help clear your complexion. It minimises the risk of bacteria coming into contact with your skin and causing unnecessary breakouts!

  • Stop Popping Spots

A habit many people find hard to break is picking and popping spots. So in 2023, we want to swap that habit and stop picking spots. 

If you pick your pimples, it actually makes your skin worse and higher the chances of your spot lasting longer. As a result, it can make dark spots worse and leave scars. Instead, try using pimple patches or wearing sunscreen to protect dark spots against UV rays. 

  • Double Cleanse

Cleansing your skin every day is a skin care habit you must incorporate into your routine. Out of all the seven healthy skin care habits for 2023, cleansing has to be the most important. Not once, but twice. 

Cleansing is so important to remove the buildup of bacteria that collects on your face throughout the day. Cleansing twice helps ensure that all the dirt is removed from your skin and leaves a blank canvas for the rest of your skin care products. If you don't remove all the dirt, you risk spreading it across your face when applying additional products.

A good cleanser will be your best friend in 2023.

  • Avoid Harsh Detergents

Again, not something you thought you would come across when thinking about skin care, but avoiding harsh detergents can make a world of difference to your skin. 

Some people's skin is sensitive to certain washing detergents as they can cause rash or irritation. The same goes for the skin on your face. If your sheets are washed with a harsh detergent, that can then irritate and break out your skin.

Therefore opting for a cleaner, sulphate and fragrance-free detergent is a small change you can make to create those healthy skin care habits. 

  • Moisturise Everyday Without Fail

There is a lot of pressure on society to have a 10-step skin care routine every morning and night. There is nothing wrong with that kind of routine, but not everyone will need to do that, nor will everyone have the time to. 

Instead, simplify it. The best way to create habits is to introduce things slowly. If you bombard yourself with too much, you will find it harder to keep consistent. Therefore, find a great moisturiser and remember to moisturise everyday morning and night after cleansing. It helps to lock in moisture and keeps your skin plump.

  • SPF (Even In Winter)

A great skin care habit to take into 2023 is applying SPF every single day. Even in the winter months, when you can't visibly see the sun, the UV rays can still get through the clouds. Therefore, SPF is needed all year round to ensure the best health for your skin. 

Going back to what we said earlier, the skin is the body's largest organ and needs protection. So applying SPF every day does not need to be complex or confusing. Just see it as another moisturiser. 

A good SPF doesn't just protect you from UV rays and environmental aggressors. It also shields your breakouts and any hyperpigmentation you might already have on your skin. Giving you that extra layer of coverage will protect you from the world's dirt and bacteria. 

  • Clean Your Screens

Cleaning your phone, iPad, laptop, and computer screens is a skin care habit that can help prevent breakouts. It might sound weird, but just like your pillowcases, you often hold your phone's screen close to your face.

The same goes for iPads, computers and laptops. If you think about it, you touch your screens and keyboards while also touching door handles, coffee cups etc. You then often place the screen against your face or touch your fingers to your face.

This can carry bacteria collected throughout the day from your screen onto your skin. Therefore, regularly cleaning your screens is a great skin care habit and hack to take into 2023. It is a simple, hygienic habit to adapt anyway, regardless of it being good for your skin. 


Incorporating these small skin care habits into your everyday life will help protect your skin as best as possible. 

Looking at the skin care industry, it can be overwhelming, and many don't know where to start. Therefore, starting by making a few simple life changes that don't necessarily mean spending loads on a whole new skin care regime. 

Swapping out your pillowcases regularly, cleaning your phone screens and resisting the urge to pop that spot are all small steps on the way to clear healthy skin. 

If you want to update your skin care products or have a consultation on some fantastic treatments we offer, then please get in touch

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