Lengthen. Strengthen. Repair. SSKIN has developed a treatment to reduce hair thinning and supporting hair regrowth. Whether you’re suffering from balding, receding hair line or post partom hairloss we harness the latest technologies from PRF, LED Light Therapy and Hairology supplements to adress your hairloss topically and internally.

Our Hair Regrowth Package Includes Treatment, PRF, LED Light Therapy & Hairology. 

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Christie has learnt from some of the world’s leading professionals, from Cosmetic Dermatologists, to Doctors and Professors in the field, to grow her knowledge in skin science!

Christie is passionate about skin and feels education is key for the best skin results. She was Valedictorian top graduating student from The French Beauty Academy.

She went on to work for a 6 star luxury spa retreat and expand her knowledge in holistic health and the importance of treating all aspects of the body and mind in order for the skin to function optimally.



Hair loss can be treated in clinic with a biodirectional approach. At SSKIN we can treat Hair loss from the front of the head or thinning on the top and the crown of the head. The treatment consists of 3 PRF and LED Light therapy Appointments in clinic, with 2 take home bottles of Vida Glow’s Hairology supplements to aid in the strengthening and repair of your hair.

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