Plastic Surgery Consults

SSKIN has partnered with One Cosmetic to bring Sydney plastic Surgeons to the Gold Coast: consult with a leading plastic surgeosand get all the information you need before proceeding with your treatments, without the need for interstate travel. Don’t miss out on accessing top-tier expertise right here in the comfort of our clinic.

One Cosmetic is an advanced and private plastic surgery practice in Sydney, specialisng in advanced procedures. Their team of highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeons, including Dr. Louis Wessels and Dr. Adam Honeybrook, are sought after by clients nationwide. They will be providing consultations at our clinic once a month.

Dr Louis Wessels Consult

Services Dr Louis Wessels provides:
• Breast augmentation
• Breast lift
• Breast augmentation + lift
• Breast reduction
• Breast implant removal
• Peri areola lift
• Areola reduction
• Fat grafting to breast
• Tummy tuck
• Mini tummy tuck
• Arm lift
• Thigh lift
• Labiaplasty

There are limited appointments available if you're interested in an upcoming consult please contact the clinic and we can schedule you in on an available date.

Consult price: $370

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