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Lymphatic drainage is celebrated by surgeons, physicians, and healthcare professionals, thismethod is recognised for its holistic nature, blending precision andelegance.

Each session becomes an exclusive experience where body and mind harmonise to reveal unmatched vitality. At SSKIN we use the The Renata Franca Method, this revolutionary approach to lymphatic drainage has established itself in 51 countries.

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Christie has learnt from some of the world’s leading professionals, from Cosmetic Dermatologists, to Doctors and Professors in the field, to grow her knowledge in skin science!

Christie is passionate about skin and feels education is key for the best skin results. She was Valedictorian top graduating student from The French Beauty Academy.

She went on to work for a 6 star luxury spa retreat and expand her knowledge in holistic health and the importance of treating all aspects of the body and mind in order for the skin to function optimally.


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Lymphatic drainage is far more than a mere technique, and proves to be a catalyst for overall well-being.

Metabolism Boost: By stimulating lymphatic circulation, lymphatic drainage energises the metabolism, promoting better toxin management and optimal internal balance.

Relief for Water Retention and Lipoedema: For those experiencing water retention or lipoedema, this gentle technique provides precious relief, lightening legs and reducing swelling to restore a sense of lightness.

Post-Operative Care: Following surgery, lymphatic drainage plays a crucial role in recovery. It helps minimise swelling, promotes healing, and contributes to restoring the body's balance, providing essential support during the post-operative period.

Discover in lymphatic drainage a holistic method that surpasses expectations, offering a range of benefits tailored to every aspect of your physical well-being—whether during pregnancy, postpartum, dealing with endometriosis, PCOS, bloating, constipation, or to reinvigorate your daily energy.

To ensure you can proceed with your treatment on the day, please be aware that lymphatic drainage massage cannot be performed if you have any of the following conditions:

- Urinary tract infection
- Taking antibiotics (except post-operative)
- Fever
- Phlebitis
- Thrombosis
- Heart failure
- Severe kidney disease

Price: $200