What Is Skin Needling?

What Is Skin Needling?

Skin needling is a skin-care treatment that has become very popular in recent times. There are many reasons why people suffer from skin problems, and many have tried to apply all manner of treatments to no avail. Skin Needling is an amazing treatment that is quite underrated. Let us explain to you the benefits, how this treatment can improve your skin and what's involved.

What Is Skin Needling And How Does It Work?

Skin needling is an expert skin treatment that involves using microneedles on a medical-grade roller by a skin therapist who carefully moves the roller over the skin, creating tiny and evenly-spaced punctures on the skin.

While puncturing the skin, the microneedles go through the skin, creating a painless microscopic injury to the skin’s deeper dermal layer with minimal damage to the upper epidermal layer. This minor injury triggers the skin to produce collagen (rich tissue) and elastin via a wound-healing response.

Skin needling is often used way of treating stretch marks, reduced skin elasticity, pigmentation, wrinkles, scarring, uneven skin tone, acne scarring, enlarged pores, sun spots, and fine lines. 

Skin needling is suitable for all types of skin, and it is safe, especially for people in completely good health. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the amazing benefits of skin needling.

Benefits of Skin Needling

Skin needling comes with a wide range benefits for you, especially if done by a professional. It is risky to try it yourself as you can risk infection so booking in with a Dermal therapist is extremely important. Some of the benefits of skin needling are:

  • Minimised pores.
  • Firmer skin with less sagging.
  • Less appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Evenly tone skin
  • Reduced scarring due to wounds or acne.

Skin needling simply helps to rejuvenate and renew your skin, resulting in a firmer, clearer, smoother, softer, and more beautiful skin surface. 


What is skin needling good for?

Skin needling is good for minimising the appearance of fine lines, pore size, scarring and improve skin tone and texture with this results-driven treatment that packs a powerful collagen and elastin building punch.

You will save yourself worry and stress when you let an expert skin therapist do the skin needling while you just relax until the process is complete.

Is skin needling painful?

Skin needling is not a painful treatment but it can be a little uncomfortable like a scratchy feeling on the skin. Nothing that you cannot bear in a short time within which the process will be concluded. 

You must ensure that you consult a therapist who is well trained to do it correctly. An incorrect approach may leave some deeper cuts or injuries on your skin.

What does skin needling do to your face?

If you are having prolonged skin concerns like breakouts, stretch marks, sun spots, and the likes, skin needling creates micro access in your face to enable it to generate skin tissue and collagen. The process leaves your face with a minor painless micro-injury that starts to heal immediately.

After your face heals completely from the micro-injury, it will become clearer, firmer, smoother, and evenly toned. 

Does skin needling actually work?

Yes, skin needling is very effective for treating skin challenges. You wouldn’t know until you try it. Many people have been able to get rid of prolonged scaring related to wounds, aging, and acne. 

How long does it take to see results from skin needling?

Skin needling results can be seen within a week to a few weeks, depending on the skin type. Some people respond/heal faster than others; hence, your skin type is a factor you must consider. 

The micro-wounds are triggered to commence a healing process immediately, and the healing process will take a while. That means you need to be patient until your skin is completely healed to see some obvious results. After the specified period of waiting, your skin will start to glow with smoothness and freshness.

Final Words

If you were contemplating, “What is skin needling,” we hope sufficient information has been provided in this article. You may need to book a session with a professional therapist to enable you to get rid of those skin problems that reveal themselves so that your skin can be fresh, smooth, clear, and more beautiful once again.

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