All treatments include a consultation with one of our expert facialists. We customise each treatment to focus on specific skin concerns and targeted results.


  • Express 30 mins - $89
  • Deluxe 1 hour - $140

Skin Needling

  • Full face 40 mins - $220
  • Full face, neck & décolletage 1 hour - $320


  • The Glow
  • The Radiance
  • The Plump
  • The Clarify
  • The Nourish

 from $110

Cosmelan deluxe peel - $1249

Rose quartz signature facial - $150

Hydro facial - $120

LED light therapy - $80

Treatment add-ons (20 minutes) - $49

  • LED light therapy
  • Massage
  • Restoring clay mask
  • Extractions



To relax the muscles and allow overlying lines and wrinkles to soften. Natural-looking results.

From $3.95 per unit

Frown, Forehead & Crow’s $480



Restore lost volume, enhance facial features, soften lines and hydrate the skin. A custom treatment plan will deliver natural-looking results, provide lift and create definition to restore youthful facial curves.

Prices start from $400



Achieve smoother, plumper and more even skin. Perfect for complete skin rejuvenation, intense hydration and acne scar treatment.

 Prices start from $350



SSKIN True Lift

A non-surgical treatment that gives your face an instant lift by supporting the ligaments. Elevates eyebrows, defines cheekbones, lifts the mouth defines the jawline and softens lines, with 5 simple treatment points.

SSKIN True Lift $995 ( 2mls)

 SSKIN SIGNATURE True Lift $1995 (4mls)


SSKIN Collagen Treatment

Stimulate and revitalise natural collagen production to gradually correct wrinkles over time. To regain skin structure and volume.

Prices start from $650



Support your body’s healing and vitality with a direct supply of nutrients to look and feel your best. Infusions take around 45 minutes.

Glow – Hair, skin and nails

Formulated to support the production of the skin’s most important components: collagen and elastin. Amino acids, minerals and powerful antioxidants support new skin growth and mitigate the affects of oxidisation and inflammation of the skin cells. 

Recovery - Rehydration

Replenish the body to feel your best by restoring optimum hydration levels. This infusion also includes amino acids to help with natural melatonin production and vitamins to help strengthen your immune system.  

Energizer - Energy booster

If you’re lacking energy or feeling generally rundown, this infusion is a fast and effective way to give your body what it needs directly into the bloodstream. It contains levels of vitamins and nutrients that can’t be taken orally, giving your body a much-needed boost. 

$300 or a package of 5 for $1300

NAD+ Booster

NAD+ occurs naturally in every cell in the body. However, as we age it naturally declines. Recent research has shown that NAD+ supplements may help restore energy, improve athletic performance, bring back clarity of thought, reverse depression, help cure cravings and is used as an anti-aging supplement.

$199 or a package of 10 for $1600





Private packages designed to suit your needs. Options include catering, beverages/champagne and a choice of treatments in a private room. Minimum 4 people*

*Price on confirmation