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 At our recent SSKIN Squad event at Fine Print Co's Art Bar, we treated our valued clients to an evening of gift bags, drinks, and beauty advice. Our Squad events are all about giving our clients a space to learn the info they need to make the right choices when it comes to their beauty routines - and rewarding them for their loyalty at the same time!

At our clinic, we recognise the importance of educating our clients on their treatments, while also believing it can be an enjoyable experience. In order to simplify their journey through the ever-changing beauty industry, we thought it only prudent to give an up-close demonstration of the wonders of DMK Enzyme Therapy. To top off the event, we invited a panel of experts on skin and Naturopathy, bringing forward their knowledge on the best skincare practices and latest beauty trends.

But why stop at just demonstrations when you can also receive samples? We love to spoil our VIP clients with samples to take home and try for themselves. There's no better way to discover new products and determine what works best for your unique skin type than by experiencing it firsthand.

So, whether you're curious about our latest facial or want to try a new skincare product, we're here to provide a comfortable and fun environment for you to learn and experiment. If you’re not a member of our SSKIN Squad you can always join and find out how we can provide you with more value for your treatments. Book in for a personalised consultation, and don’t forget to ask about our VIPs, we can't wait to see you!


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