How To Enhance Detoxification

The process of detoxification involves metabolism, breakdown and excretion of products in the body such as hormones, bacteria, infections, chemicals and toxins. This mainly occurs through the bloodstream, where the liver acts as the main organ which purifies toxins from the blood.

Other organs responsible for detoxification include the kidneys, lymphatic system, digestive system, lungs and skin.

When detoxification pathways become sluggish, we can experience the following:

Low energy
Brain fog
Chronic fatigue
Memory loss
Skin breakouts
Fluid retention
Poor circulation
Bad breath
Frequent infections
Bloating and gas
Urinary tract infections

Ways to support detoxification

beetroot, calendula and blackberries spilling out of a box

Get your bowels moving.

Elimination of waste from the body via the bowel is essential to detoxification. Sluggish bowel motions will cause accumulation of toxins, hormones and bacteria which will lead to issues such as hormonal imbalances, gut dysbiosis (imbalance), fatigue and brain fog.

We recommend:

Consuming enough fibre
Staying hydrated
Daily walking or exercise
Gentle abdominal massage
Deep breathing and relaxation

Support the liver

Your liver is a powerhouse cleanser. The liver is incredibly important to breakdown, metabolise and remove metabolic waste from the body effectively. When sluggish, you will experience common symptoms mentioned above.

We recommend:

Minimising chemical and toxin exposure (pesticides, plastics, solvents, additives)
Minimise alcohol, smoking, vaping and illicit drugs
Consume antioxidant rich foods like berries, turmeric, bitter greens
Address any nutrient deficiencies as the liver requires adequate amounts of nutrients like B6, selenium and zinc to detoxify effectively.

Improve lymphatic health

The lymphatic system is one of the last lines of elimination of toxins and waste from the body. It contains fluid and immune cells which are responsible for movement of fluid around the body and modulation of pathogens and inflammation. When sluggish, you will often experience fluid retention, temperature irregularities, fatigue, poor immune function and heaviness in extremities.

We recommend:

Dry skin body brushing
Infrared saunas
Ice baths or contrast showers (hot/cold)
Gua sha stone massage
Mini trampolining
Putting your legs up the wall each night (10 mins)

As our Begin Again blends are tailored to support detoxification, we have mindfully included herbs and nutrients that we know enhance these areas mentioned above. If you have tried to include some of these strategies and not seen much improvement, we would recommend following our six week Detox and Replenish cleanse and see how you feel afterward.

As always, before implementing any diet and lifestyle recommendations we recommend seeking individual practitioner guidance, this advice is general in nature and should not replace medical advice when necessary.


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