LED Light Therapy: The New Skin Solution?

What is LED Light Therapy?

Are you looking for something new in addition to your current beauty ritual? This new highly advanced facial may be your ideal skin solution to anti-ageing, pain relief and an overall skin transformation. This article will tell you all the juicy details you need to know.

Originally around since the 1960s and used by NASA during the 1980s, LED light therapy has now evolved into a new ground-breaking trend that helps to accelerate the repair of your skin with natural-looking (and genuine) results.

Make way for light, not lasers! One awesome feature is that you don’t have to brace yourself to look beautiful with light therapy. It’s a painless process that every beauty guru will be chasing.

Therapeutic for the skin, LED Light Therapy (which stands for Light Emitting Diode Therapy) can help:

  • Fight sun-damage
  • Soften fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  • Stimulate hair re-growth
  • Heal burns or inflamed skin
  • Heal superficial skin lesions
  • Heal rosacea 
  • Assist pain relief 
  • Help with fat reduction and weight loss

Light Therapy is generally used after hydrating and exfoliating a specific area of your skin, most commonly your cheeks, chin, forehead and profile. It energises skin cells absorbing light into your skin. This helps healthier cells to reproduce faster and to soothe your skin naturally.

However, it’s important to consult your dermatologist or beauty therapist to confirm that this LED light therapy is right for you. It’s best to consider every option available to you. Now, if you are looking for a chance to get healthier, younger-looking skin… This might just be your break.

How Long Will LED Light Therapy Take? What Should I Expect During A Session?

You will be happy to know it is non-invasive and non-time-consuming, generally only taking around 20-40 minutes per session.

During the lighting process, your skin must be clean and makeup-free; it is recommended to cleanse with a non-irritating cleanser before attending your appointment.

A fresh face is a must, but don’t fret. It’s a no-fuss session really, you could get your treatment in your pyjamas if you wanted to!

It’s important to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from the light. You will feel a slight warmth on your skin, nothing out of the ordinary. This means your skin is beginning to absorb the light and cells are becoming more nourished. 

If anything, it’s a relaxing and revitalising feeling. After the LED has finished, you will have SPF (sun cream like substance) applied to your skin.

It’s easy to work light therapy around your lifestyle too; perfect for those busy bees out there with overloaded schedules who need a quick facial fix. 

Who says beauty must block your important daily events? You’ll have enough time to get this luxury treatment during your lunch break! Getting a brighter complexion has never been easier.

How Does LED Light Therapy Work? 

LED Light Therapy consists of an illuminative mask or professional device which is put over the face, giving the skin a beauty boost and a radiant glow. Visible wavelengths about 8-10mm in depth are then projected onto the face or body.

You’re usually asked to lay under the LED lights directly or have an LED wand moved over your skin. The mask or machine might look a little scary, but it is not in terms of its benefits.

The process can also be in the form of LED Panels, LED beds for a whole-body experience, or simply a hand-held device for use at home. 

There’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to how you want it done, too. Choose a professional salon environment or get the same outcome in the comfort of your home. However, at-home treatments may not be as effective as they would be professionally done. It’s completely up to you!

The treatment works by using wavelengths of light, each colour targeting different skin concerns. The LED colours give you an all round table of options when it comes to treatment. For whatever skin issue you have, there is a solution for you.

It has a different process compared to traditional skincare, but it is important to have a ten-day break between each session! However, when it comes to the LED masks, you can use them for 10 minutes per day; consistency is key with light therapy.

What Are The Benefits Of LED Light Therapy? 

LED light therapy comes with a wide range of benefits for users. We are going to run through some of the best and most favourable benefits below.

  • Remove acne causing bacteria 
  • Remove age spots or sun damage
  • Anti ageing properties 
  • Stimulates skin cell growth 
  • Can brighten skin for fresh glow
  • Remove pigmentation spots 
  • Smoother and fuller skin 
  • Improve circulation and reduce inflammation 
  • Less wrinkles, lines or ageing marks
customer getting blue led light therapy to help regain youthful skin

Different Types Of LED Light Therapy

Red Light

This treats the outer layer of your skin and penetrates fibroblasts, which are cells in the skin that make collagen. 

Collagen is an important protein that supports the skin and its elasticity, which is the key to healthier skin. Red lighting also helps with hydration levels, circulation, oil production, skin repair and inflamed skin. It is also a medically approved option for rosacea. 

According to recent studies, red light can also help you lose weight. Vibrating devices are used to affect body cells that store fats, affecting the hunger hormones and helping to regulate your food intake! No more gym membership, all you’d have to do is lay back and relax.

Near Infra-Red Light

Out of all the LED lights, this is the one that is most deeply absorbed into the skin and can even go through your bones. Infra-red lighting increases the healing rate of wounds, heals cystic acne, smooths wrinkles, and helps with cell absorption. 

Blue Light

This is effective in treating acne-prone skin and is anti-bacterial. It prevents the production of oils in your skin, so no more nasty pimples!

Pink, Yellow and Green Light 

Typically, both red and blue LED lights are used together to target skin issues. Other LED masks on the market include yellow lighting which is great for skin-cell resistance, and green lighting, which reduces skin pigmentation. Pink lighting is also used for firmer skin and is great against fine lines or wrinkles. Embrace the colours of the rainbow because they’re going to make you glow.

How Much Does This Cost?

The cost of LED Light Therapy varies depending on where you go, and how it’s done. The general price range is $100+ per session for professional services. It’s important to ensure that you are going for quality over price. 

Why go for the cheapest option and it ends up going wrong. We see this happen all the time. It’s important to ensure that you are going for quality LED light therapy and no makeshift style home appliances.

Does Light Therapy Actually Work?

After light therapy, you need to avoid direct sunlight for 48 hours and use SPF cream if you do need to head out of the house. In terms of results, you may see minor changes straight away, but it can take up to four months to see them. Exercising your cells can take patience. 

Ideally, you’d want to get treatments done in-salon as they project and scope a lot more light. A self-treat device is useful, but keep in mind you may not get the same results as you would professionally.

We can tell you now through proven results, that LED light therapy does work. We have clients all over the Gold Coast who have suffered from skin conditions all the way to wanting a younger, more glowing look. With the use of LED light therapy, they have achieved their desired results. 

Who Is This Treatment Suited For?

Ultimately, this treatment is suitable for all skin types, regardless of your skin tone or skin condition, but it should not entirely replace your current skin-care routine. Continue to cleanse, wash, exfoliate and moisturise as you normally would.

We’ve found the best results are in those with skin conditions or wanting to look younger. Essentially, it’s for everyone however the best results work with those people who continually do LED light therapy. Consistency is key… We all know this with beauty right? 

Are There Any Potential Risks?

LED Light Therapy also does not involve UBV, UVA or ultraviolet light, so it’s a very natural and safe process. It’s also chemical-free and FDA approved.

Although, your personal experiences with LED Light Therapy depends on your sensitivity to light. Redness, pain, tenderness, hives, and rashes are possible, but thankfully the risk is slim.

If you suffer from photosensitivity though, it's best to ensure that you get yours done professionally, with the right beauty therapist to guide you through. 

Overall, always keep in mind that the quality for some devices might not be consistent. It’s a matter of personal choice and personal risk if you are going for those home ones, we always suggest to steer clear.


So, there are a lot of things to consider with LED light therapy but in general it’s an advanced procedure you can do to achieve naturally glowing skin and help restore your pigmentation. 

We hope that you have a better understanding of light therapy. Don’t forget to ensure that you are getting a professional job done for the best results. Home kits and machines will not have the same youthful effects. 

If you’ve had LED light therapy share your thoughts with everyone in the comments below. We’d love to hear what you think and what your results were.


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