Myths about dermal filler

Filler will make you look fake

Dermal filler not only enhances areas like lips and cheeks, but it is also used to replace volume and bone loss in the face, hydrate the skin and minimise the appearance of scarring. Contrary to common assumptions of cosmetic injectables, when filler and muscle relaxants are performed effectively and placed correctly, the results will look natural. At Sskin, our injectors have a precise aesthetic eye for what will enhance your natural features and have you looking rejuvenated. 

Filler stretches your lips

Filler does not stretch your lips. When injected conservatively, dermal filler dissolves gradually over time and your lips return back to their natural state and size.

Your cosmetic injector will advise you on the recommended maintainable needed for your desired outcome. This can also be achieved with suitable placement of product and choice of filler used to achieve the desired look. 

Dermal filler is harmful to the body

Hyalauronic acid dermal filler is made from a sugar chain that is naturally occurring in the body which diminishes as we age.  

Side effects are extremely rare when administered to a healthy person by a medical professional. You may experience little swelling, tenderness or bruising after the injections, but that tends to clear within a week or so, if not sooner. Like any prescription medication, results will vary person to person.

All filler is all the same

Not all fillers are the same, nor can they be placed in any location. Some fillers are thicker than others and are used for specific areas. It is the responsibility of your injector to guide you on what should be used for your face. A thicker filler should be placed deeper into the tissue or onto bone, whereas a lip filler which is a softer product would not provide the same kind of lift.

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