Pigmentation: Here's How Cosmelan Treatment Can Help

What is Pigmentation?

Pigmentation is the darkening of areas of the skin, and is usually disliked because the darkening is not uniform and can appear blotchy or patchy in contrast to the regular skin tone. It can be caused by a number of factors, including sun exposure, hormonal changes, and certain medications. Pigmentation can be a difficult issue to deal with, as it can be very difficult to lighten the skin once it has been darkened.

Pigmentation is completely natural and happens to most people as they age due to repeated sun exposure. In cases of pigmentation, ultra-violet rays from the sun have caused excessive melanin production in the skin, which causes the skin to become darker. These melanin deposits can take different forms, such as spots or patches of varying sizes.

Pigmentation can happen to anyone of any age and any race. Treating pigmentation can be a challenge and requires consistent routine care, but is it definitely possible to improve the appearance of the skin.

The most important step in preventing further pigmentation is shielding your skin from the sun. Taking steps such as wearing SPF 30+ sunscreen, or wearing a wide-brimmed hat in hot weather are recommended to those wanting to limit further pigmentation

For treating and improving the appearance of existing pigmentation, Cosmelan is one of the best treatments available.

What causes pigmentation?

There are a number of causes of pigmentation, and each person may be affected by one or more of these factors. The most common cause of pigmentation is sun exposure. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can stimulate the production of melanin in the skin, which leads to the darkening of the skin. Other causes of pigmentation include hormonal changes, certain medications, and injuries to the skin.

Ensuring that you take care of your skin and limit sun damage to it over the course of your life can dramatically reduce your chances of developing pigmentation. However, even with well-known practices such as the use of sunscreen, pigmentation can naturally just occur with age.

What is Melanin?

Melanin is a pigment that is produced by the body to protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. When the body is exposed to UV rays, it triggers the production of melanin. The more exposure to UV rays, the more melanin is produced. Melanin works by absorbing UV radiation and protecting the skin from damage.

While melanin does offer some protection from sun damage, too much melanin can lead to pigmentation issues. When there is an overproduction of melanin, it can cause the skin to become darker in color in contrast to the rest of the skin. This can last long after a tan fades away, and can result in blotches or patches that we refer to as 'hyperpigmentation'.

What Is Cosmelan Treatment?

Cosmelan is a popular type of skin treatment used to improve the appearance of pigmentation in the facial skin area. The main procedure consists of the use of a cream that acts as a peel. Cosmelan is safe and effective for people of all skin tones, and can work very quickly to reduce pigmentation in the skin.

Cosmelan treatment begins with a preparation stage where the skin is primed for 4 weeks before the peel to ensure maximum benefit. After those 4 weeks of priming, the Cosmelan mask is applied to the face in-clinic, it is then usually removed at home after 8-12 hours or however long your expert dermal technician recommends.

A few days post-treatment you will be asked to return to the clinic in order to have your skin analysed. Your skin will be photographed so that your dermal technician can see how the progression of your healing is going post-treatment. This analysis will then be followed by a soothing LED light therapy in order to assist with the healing process.

Depigmentation will continue after the treatment at home. Your dermal technician will put together a facial care protocol to ensure you get the most out of your treatment.

How Can Cosmelan Peels Help Get Rid Of Pigmentation?

Cosmelan peels work through two main actions.

The first is inhibiting the production of melanin pigment in the skin. It does this by slowing down the cells that produce the pigment, allowing them to function in a more uniform way. This effect is active only during the treatment and requires routine aftercare in order to maintain.

The second action involves exfoliating the skin to create a more even tone. This is done through the removal of layers of dead skin that have built up on the face. This is the 'peel' part of the procedure.

Are There Any Side Effects For Cosmelan Treatment?

In the days following treatment the outer layers of the skin may become dry, tight and slightly irritated, this usually goes away after a few days as the dead outer layers of the skin peel off, making way for fresh new skin.

How Long Can You Expect To See Results For?

The effects of Cosmelan treatment can be seen almost immediately following recovery from the treatment. However, in order to continue the suppression of melanin production, routine at-home treatment will be required. This can easily be integrated into your daily skincare routine and is relatively low maintenance.


Cosmelan treatment is one of the best ways to reduce facial pigmentation and is hugely popular. It can create a more even-looking skin tone and can take years off the appearance of aging skin.

Cosmelan treatment is a treatment that is also suitable for all skin types and tones, which means if you are suffering from pigmentation, cosmelan might be the treatment for you! Get in touch with one of our friendly skin experts for a free consultation and see if you could benefit from cosmelan treatment.

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