The Rise of Buccal Massage

The beauty industry has always embraced the unconventional, and it seems that the latest trend to grace the scene is no exception. Have you ever considered a massage from the inside out? Yes, you heard that right! We're talking about buccal massage, the fascinating therapy that's making waves in the realm of skincare. 

From celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kristen Bell to the Duchess of Sussex, this peculiar treatment is catching the attention of the A-listers. But what exactly is buccal massage, and why is it gaining such popularity?

Enter the enigmatic realm of buccal massage, a therapeutic journey that leaves the ordinary far behind. 

At SSKIN our therapists are internationally trained in the craft, the esteemed remedial face and jaw therapist who dares to venture where few have gone before. But what is it exactly? Picture this: someone massaging your facial muscles, but not from the outside as you'd expect – they're doing it from within your mouth. Yes, it might sound a tad bizarre, but in the realm of beauty, where the avant-garde is celebrated, buccal massage is a sensation that's catching like wildfire.

A-listers such as Jennifer Lopez and the Duchess of Sussex are reportedly smitten with this unconventional practice. But what exactly makes buccal massage worthy of its mainstream stardom? The secret lies in its rejuvenating effects – the treatment is renowned for offering a more sculpted appearance and youthful radiance.

The art of buccal massage isn't entirely new; it has historically been employed to treat conditions like teeth grinding and Bell's palsy. Nowadays, practitioners receive referrals from dentists and medical professionals for a range of issues, like migraines. But what's truly fascinating is how buccal massage has morphed into a nonsurgical alternative for those craving a more sculpted visage.

Intriguingly, this transformative practice rests on the shoulders of the masseter muscle, cheek muscles, and even muscles underneath the tongue by releasing tension in these muscles, the face undergoes an instantaneous lift – an effect that has captured the hearts of red-carpet regulars. With buccal massage, it's not about erasing wrinkles in a single session, but rather about embracing a softer, more natural look. In fact, it's even touted as a preventative measure against the allure of anti wrinkle and fillers. The repetitive, circular motions guide the cheeks into a newfound softness, leaving a sense of unexpected relaxation. While it might not be the most comfortable experience, the client is left with a subtle transformation – a hint of newfound angularity that sets the stage for a striking transformation.

In a world where surgically carved cheeks vie for attention, buccal massage emerges as a low-risk alternative, promising sculpted beauty without the drastic measures. It's safe to say that buccal massage is here to stay, rewriting the rules of beauty and offering a ticket to a more relaxed, rejuvenated, and redefined you. So, why not give your face a taste of the unconventional? After all, in the world of beauty, the bizarre often leads to the most breathtaking results.

You can book in for our Facial Sculpting treatment at both our Robina & Bundall clinics.  

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