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    Where can fillers be placed?

    Dermal filler is used for a multitude of different reasons, some obvious and others not so much.

    Commonly, dermal filler is used to provide structure and fullness, replace volume and bone loss, provide hydration and to correct asymmetries, we always recommend having a consultation with one of our injectors to discuss a suitable treatment plan.

    Filler can be injected into various depths of the skin depending on the area and desired outcome.

    The most commonly injected areas of the face are: cheeks, lips, corners of the mouth, chin, tear trough, jawline and the nasolabial folds.

    Other areas that can also be injected with dermal filler include more superficially into the skin for hydration and to minimise fine lines such as the hands, ears and neck bands.

    The type of filler used will vary depending on the depth of the injection and the softness/firmness needed to mimic the natural anatomy.

    For treatment plans tailored to you, book in with one of our friendly injectors for a complimentary consult.

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