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    7 Tips for a healthy complexion from a Skin Expert
    Nothing beats the feeling of glowing, radiant skin! A well hydrated, super moisturised complexion with just the right touch of natural oil to give you that Hailey Bieber glowing complexion. So what's the secret? Here are 7 tips for a healthy complexion.

    1. Stay hydrated


    I know, I know, you've heard it a million times before, but as simple as it is anyone will tell you that the key to healthy looking skin is staying hydrated. So, grab yourself a fun water bottle and make sure it's with you all the time because no matter what else you do, if you're not hydrated, your skin will show it.

    2. One word: Sunscreen

    Even if it isn't even sunny out, you should be wearing sunscreen EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. UV rays damage your skin cells, even if you are not in direct sunlight. UVA rays can still damage your skin cells even if you are sitting by a window or driving in the car and can still break down your collagen. So, make sure to make it part of your morning routine and put it on everyday.

    3. Cut back on alcohol

    Yes those delicious Sunday afternoon sunset cocktails are amazing, but the truth is the consumption of alcohol causes your skin glow to fade into oblivion! How? Well, you know how vitamin A speeds up skin cell turnover so that new and beautiful light reflecting skin cells are pushed to the surface? Alcohol deprives the skin of vitamin A by preventing its absorption and speeding up its breakdown as well as reducing its storage in the skin.

    4. Use a Vitamin C serum

    Incorporate Vitamin C into your morning routine. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant it protects against free radicals and pesky chemical particles, which wreak havoc on the skin. Free radicals come from pollution, the sun, and even our computer screens and cell phones. Vitamin C is basically your own personal security guard against free radicals to help protect your collagen and give your skin a brilliant glow!

    5. Get a good nights sleep

    Ok another one I know you've heard before, you know it's important, and it's one of those simple things we know we need to do but don’t….but it's called beauty sleep for a reason. Sleep deprivation lowers our circulation, which is why you look pale and washed out if you only get a few hours. Sleep is critical time for your skin to rejuvenate. Your body shuts down at night and goes into its cellular renewal program. So this is when you want to equip your skin with as many nutrients and hydrating ingredients it needs to do the best job. At least seven hours a night will give your skin the best benefit if you've been questioning how to get glowing skin.

    6. Don’t have long hot showers

    A super hot shower may seem like a great idea when it’s a cold winter night, but it's one of the worst things you can do for your skin. Not only does the heat strip the skin's beneficial natural oils dehydrating your skin, but it basically creates a mild burn. Blood vessels respond by dilating in an effort to cool the skin, causing flushing and potential for capillaries to burst. So insure your shower is warm not HOT!

    7. Avoid picking!

    Picking, even just the slightest little pick can permanently damage and age the skin. Every time you touch a pimple it causes inflammation and distress to the skin. Bacteria is pushed inside the pore, and can cause the oil glands to burst, causing even more trauma. Have you ever noticed if you pick a pimple one will seem to appear right next to it? The picking produces more acne, plus discolouration and scarring. If you are prone to regular breakouts we would defiantly recommend booking in for regular extractions with an expert who knows how to do them safely and gently.

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