Things to look for in your injector

At SSKIN we take a holistic approach to injecting so we thought we would highlight what to look for in your practitioner, especially if it’s your first time with injectables!  

Your injector needs to be qualified and registered with AHPRA. This can be searched online, where you can also see if they have any restrictions to their name.

Before and after photos are a great tool but are not everything, so don’t be fooled. Big lips can look amazing in a photo but when you look at the face as a whole it could look disproportionate and unbalanced. At SSKIN we understand that every face is unique, so our treatment plans are too. Being able to see a body of work through photos is important though, but make sure you see a variety and do your research to make sure it’s the injectors work – yes injectors catfish too.

A good injector knows when to say no! The best injectors produce work that is natural looking and subtle. Although everyone will have a different goal, it’s the injectors job to educate the client on what best suits their features and is suitable with age and ethnicity.

Word of mouth! Quality injectors have customers raving about them. Check out their online reviews and feedback through social media. Look for customer responses, but also don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for their opinions as more and more people are having these treatments done. At SSKIN we have an experienced team of injectors who have built their reputations over time, you may have heard of Chiara being referred to as the Lip Fairy or seen Dr Bianca’s subtle enhancements via social media.

Environment can be very telling, look at the clinic environment and cleanliness, cosmetic injectables are a medical procedure so you want to be going somewhere with strict hygiene standards to minimise infection risk.

Don’t shop for a bargain when looking for quality. There are many different fillers and muscle relaxants on the market and as the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. A quality injector will often stock premium products that provide longevity and are backed by industry driven studies.

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