What makes your skin glow?

Glowing skin is always in!

How do we achieve that dewy, glassy skin look that all the celebs like Bella Hadid are rocking these days? That no make-up, light reflecting subtle sparkling skin?


And the answer is.... Glowing skin starts from within. 


Drink up girl. Water water water. We all know how important it is to drink water but do any of us really even drink close to as much as we should? I know I’m guilty from time to time of indulging in a heavenly cup of coffee in the morning to get the engine running, rather than having a cool refreshing glass of water. But hydration is key to chasing that glassy skin look. Water rids your body of toxins and increases blood flow to the skin, which helps achieve a more even skin tone.

I thought I would put this “Water Theory” to the test! I tried drinking 2L of water every day for an entire month. I bought the most obnoxious 2L water bottle and filled it up every morning. Ensuring to have consumed it throughout the day all before going to bed that night. By the end of the month, I not only felt amazing, had great mental clarity and had stopped snacking all together, I was literally getting so many comments about my skin! I had everyone in the clinic running off to invest in a drink bottle to monitor water intake. So I can confirm this is not a myth it actually works!

Topical nicanamide!


The wonder serum! Aka Vitamin B, helps to increase your ceramide production (This helps to maintain the skin's protective barrier and hydration levels) and treats hyper-pigmentation by slowing down the transportation of melanin (pigment) to the skin's surface. 

I cannot rave about this serum enough; it's a clear winning favourite for glowing dewy skin! Nicanamide also has an antibiotic effect, so improves skin congestion and acne breakouts, all whilst regulating your oil flow. So basically, improves skin tone and texture, reduces inflammation and gives you that instant GLOW.  Again, I’ve tried many but by far my favourite would have to be the Medik8 Hydrate B5 intense serum. Next Level hydration! 

Treatment wise you can’t go wrong with a Hydrodermabrasion combined with LED light therapy! I mean Wow! A gentle resurfacing to rejuvenate tired dull skin. This treatment helps boost circulation plus collagen reproduction, add the LED light therapy to finish and viola! You’re on your way to having healthy glowing skin.


We stock medik8 at SSKIN! So pop in to see me for a Hydrodermabrasion and get your hands on this amazing product.



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